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Exploring a culture relies heavily on what the people are interested in in their free time.  Several articles have lead me to the conclusion that the Vietnamese spend much of their time on the internet exploring what is happening in the world around them through news sites. This thirst for knowledge is normal for a developing country and as a result the cities of Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City are full of technological stores offering all the comforts that are offered in the United States, these include plenty of stores dedicated to laptops, cell phones, televisions, cameras, and other luxury items. Among these sites, blue and white seems to be a very popular theme with normally a splash of gold somewhere on the page. Each site has a vast array of things to sell, the currency “the dog” seems to have a very low value in comparison to other currencies around the world.   These stores are everywhere in both cities and seem to make up the majority of businesses, it seems on every main road there are several technology stores or convenience stores selling modern day appliances for a lot of Dog. Prices are high because these items haven’t been in Vietnam long enough to become cheap, the same is true for Cars and most Vietnamese rely on bicycles, scooters, and small motor bikes.   Restaurants and Bakeries where the next websites I looked at, and not surprisingly these sites are covered in pictures of food with fairly easy to navigate pages to show where to order. Vietnamese style restaurants are covered in red and gold themes. This is probably due to the national flag of Vietnam, A gold star on a red background. The red is to represent the communist regime which took over Vietnam after the war with the United States.  For National Sites I chose a golf course and a bank as they are destinations for businessmen and women from around the world, the site is entirely in English but is only a little bit outside of Ho Chi Minh City, and it’s a gorgeous golf course. The bank of course has an easy translate option however has a fairly low density. Each of the sites is green and white themed with that tell-tale splash of gold which seems to be central to the Vietnamese style for websites. These gold splashes could be coming from their flag with that big gold star central to the idea it is what they are proud of, they don’t necessarily see the red of their flag, they see the single star as a symbol of their nations pride possibly as  the one country to stand against the United States and their Military.  The green of course is probably due to money for the bank and green grass for the golf course. We were also asked to look at international sites, sites which appear in different styles in different countries but are the same company. For this I chose PepsiCo, Burger King, and Baby Love as three sites which I knew would exist not only in Vietnam but also across the world. However what I was not prepared for was how different the sites were from the United States/European versions. Another observation about these sites was the amount of white that is present, in many of the sites shown above there is alot of empty spaces filled in with white, this is to be expected in a country whose websites are full of text as white is a good backdrop for text and doesn’t require any additional code as it is the default color.  High density pages are almost exclusive to sites with specific themes such as the golf, water park, bakery, and jewelry sites in the above snapshots these schemes are a way of promoting beauty and style instead of a bland white, its almost like an advertisement in and of itself saying “oh look at me, i have a color scheme, i’m fancy!” and it is a rarity in  Vietnam. Only a few sites have the money to afford the custom pages with a full color scheme instead many just go with the default white and empty boxes to fill in with pictures and text in different colors.


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