Cultural Site Presentation

For Presentation Use these 10



My three local sites were taken from both Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi businesses, each of these has very vibrant colors and eye grabbing advertisements which does help with the analysis of the culture i find almost more than the businesses. Cause while Businesses have a specific theme they have in mind with a very strict color scheme advertisements are meant to grab the eye and this can only be done to a target audience if the colors are meaningful and an incentive in one form or another. In the case of vietnam the most common advertisements that i noticed were red with a yellow background or yellow with a red background this may be due to the countries flag, red with a gold star, this is a repetitive theme across all the sites i have visited. Otherwise the sites are very visual and highly dense in content, not a lot of open spaces at least not for the local businesses.


These sites are a collection of news sites, the vietnamese like other people in developing countries are hungry for news of the rest of the world. They spend a lot of time on news sites and thus there are many vietnamese online news sources. Each of these sites has one thing that ties them together, red text. A lot of white background to the sites, not many pictures and a lot of red text for the main news stories.  Again advertisements make their presence known with their red and yellow color schemes.  This red consistency really shines through in these sites.  Each of these sources lacks a lot of pictures which you normally associate with news sites, especially in todays modern world where we have amazing photographs which can grab a reader’s attention far easier than brightly colored text. However putting text into a web code is far easier than adding images with correct spacing and such, so it is not surprising that these are text dominated sites.



My international and wildcard sites are interesting to say the least as they seem to rebel against the color schemes of the rest of the country. This is due to the fact that the international corporations stick to their own color schemes and styles, the only difference is the imagery and the text. Pepsico for instance only has a link to their job application site and while the american site is dominated by a Pepsico logo this logo plays a very small role in the vietnamese site. The Burger King site is interesting however, it definitely plays towards the vietnamese style with a bright pink background, obviously not red however still playing towards their style and the couple featured is most definitely asian. Baby love also diverges from Vietnamese styling instead it looks almost distinctly western european no red text or red and yellow together in a asian style. The water park is my wildcard and is located in central Ho Chi Minh city and is a leading tourist attraction as well as a local way to escape the heat of the city. While the color scheme is clearly water park in style there is still the red and yellow text on the right hand side as a directory, saying “look here and navigate”.


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