Thirds Grid

Thirds grid

Upon adding each of the thirds grid to my snapshots of 30 homepages on Vietnamese websites it became very clear to me the general pattern of the sites.  Most of these sites are news sites and retail sites for appliances as a result most of the site is taken up by empty white, creating a low density trend which is apparent in the snapshot above, upon closer inspection it also became obvious that root menus and directories were also a large part of the sites, this is also expected in news sites due to the different categories news falls under and the many news stories that appear daily. The next piece of note was how much space images took up, i found that unless it is an appliance store the images do not take up a high amount of space as many of the images also use a white backdrop creating more of this white space.  Large images were rare but when they appear there is normally text over it creating pockets of high density on certain sites. Even when images are present they might fall into the navigational tabs as clicking on these pictures of items will then direct you to the page to buy said item or back to the home page, in fact when you think about it everything that you click on in a website takes you somewhere else its all a directory to sell a product or a story. While true directives appear mostly on the edges that aren’t taken up by advertisements or at the top of the website. These directories are helpful in navigating pages but without a thorough understanding of the language it is difficult to understand where each directory is taking you.

A rather large amount of space i noticed was taken up by advertisements, along the sides and at the top of the page and in the upper right hand corner were popular places for boxes of advertisements to appear. Every single page has advertisements, its how sites make money and stay up. The more a page is viewed the more advertisements on a site and the more people will see whatever is being advertised. The next piece that was obvious was who the companies were, almost all of the sites had a logo or name in the upper right hand corner, nearly without exception this was the case .Each of these logos tended to have a direct tie to the color scheme of the entire site, nearly without fail the colors used in the logo repeat itself over the text, headings navigation tabs. The consistency which with these sites are designed is extremely interesting as they can almost be said to be exactly the same based off which product your looking for be it news, appliances, games and other desirable items.  I cant tell if this is purely because of a lack of imagination or if the sites use the same templates for each site or if web design simply hasn’t taken off in Vietnam, all i see are constant patterns which can be easily picked out if one takes the time to look.


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