What I was trying to accomplish with this postcard was capturing the most beautiful part of all of Rhode Island. Beaver tail park is a place extremely close to my heart and the location that this picture that I found is one that I recognize as I have literally walked over those rocks thousands of times before, the image itself is a decent amount larger and is part of a series of pictures however I thought this was the most beautiful purely for my connection to it. I love this park, it is an amazing place where the sea meets the rocks and the waves pound in your ears. The rush of the wind as it comes off the sea, the pure clean air and the amazing view. Sunsets at theis park are truly a marvel to behold and every second is spent in complete and total relaxation and bliss. It is one of the most romantic places on earth as well as I have witnessed multiple marriages occur there on the bluffs of the vcliffs over looking the sea. The pools at the base of the cliffs have abundant wildlife, hundreds of crabs and other invertebrates call those pools home and you will often find children and adults alike chasing after an elusive crab as it buries itself under the rocks.  I am trying to draw the attention of people not from Rhode island or from central Rhode Island because this truly is a tranquil place, and only fifteen minutes away from Jamestown and a little bit farther from Newport there is good food and a good mood only a short trip away. There is a beach nearby as well called Mackerel Cove and you can literally see it from the bluffs, I spent a lot of time here and plan to spend even more in the future, going from the beach to the cliffs to the nearby amazing seafood restaurants is one of the fondest parts of my recent memories. Every one of those days was happy because near the ocean that is where I and many people are most relaxed, it’s like a miniature paradise, a little slice of heaven with nature all around. Everyone who has grown up in the nearby vicinity of the park has been there and savored its fantastic beauty, it is a valued fishing spot and even has a nice little aquarium showing off some of the local species and others that have been swept up the coast from Florida. It truly is a marvelous place and has a special place in many hearts around New England, it is however fairly remote and as it is on the edge of our coast overlooking the sea there are many places like it, but to me this one  spot on the coast is where I feel all the stress of the world melt away, its almost magical. Trying to capture something with that kind of power in a photograph is impossible, hopefully this is compelling enough to spark a few visits to this special place in my heart.


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