Print Ads!

HIV ad print ad 4 print ad 5 print ad Toyota vietnam

Observing print advertisements out of Vietnam two things immediately became apparent when comparing with the advertisements seen on websites. One is that Vietnamese advertisements are all extremely text based; most of the print ads have at least a few sentences in Vietnamese, and whole sentences not just brief slogans like American advertisements. These sentences may contain information about an upcoming event which is being advertised, that seems to be the most popular type of print ad I have found. At least two of the adverts I have found advertise New Year or Tet, which is the largest holiday in Vietnam.  Id classify these as high density advertisements as they have a decent amount of text with very little open white spaces, in fact only one advertisement has a great deal of white in it and what it lacks in images it makes up for in text with a descriptive paragraph which I cannot read.  However since it is a HIV testing advertisement, as the letters HIV stand out clearly on the page,it sends a clear message. The rest of the advertisements are not so clear and only after reading the description can I understand them. This is due to the language barrier which advertisements are supposed to be able to cross to be effective, however since these advertisements are print advertisements in papers and magazines I can understand how this is less relevant as they are specifically targeting the Vietnamese. The other pattern I picked up was the color scheme of the advertisements, this being almost all the time bright red coloration. The color red seems to have a special place in the Vietnamese people’s hearts. As the banner to rally behind to defeat the U.S.A in the war the red flag of Vietnam is a symbol of their pride and it translates all over their culture so that almost every advertisement or important message which needs to have attention drawn to it is in red.  The other part of the flag is the gold star of Vietnam, this gold or yellow is also reflected in the advertisements appearing as a backdrop for text or another image. These two colors are constants which I have remarked on before and it seems to continue to repeat itself in every advertisement I come across from that is out of Vietnam. Other advertisements in Vietnamese but not directly from Vietnam tend to use modern paint schemes many of these are from the U.S targeting the local Vietnamese populations and are easily identified by a logo in English probably from California as there is a substantial Veitnamese and Mongh presence. This allowed me to filter out the ones that are directly from Vietnam, the red and gold, and separate it from the American based blue and white advertisements. If one divides these ads into a thirds grid I noticed that the images tend to be center and slightly to the right or directly center with text either underneath or off to the left, this is again a consistency which extends across the advertisements.


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