Snapshot pg 168 Game Time!

pats game

In perhaps one of the greatest examples of people being photographed in a way to represent what they are celebrating in a massive event is a sports event. Sports are a perfect example of dressing up for an occasion and following strict guidelines for having an amazing time. If you want to be part of the masses then you have to be prepared and in New England that means Jerseys and multiple layers. Representing New England above are the Bruschi twins Tim Shaw and James Cote, as well as the rest of Tim’s family that does what hundreds of new Englanders do every football season Tailgating and enjoying a great game. Navy Blue and Silver and White and Grey are very common colors, the occasional red is represented too when people have the legacy jersey’s. In the cold of new England, fashionable winter gear is not necessarily needed however it doesn’t hurt to have a good  North face on hand, and under armor against cold is always a good idea to stay warm.  Sports fans everywhere represent their teams by wearing their various uniforms, the uniforms themselves are gorgeous in design and some very promising improvements are well on the way. Concepts for these new uniforms found here( and below show off a team’s colors in new fantastic ways which will allow for a greater spectacle of variation upon variation of some of the greatest color schemes in the world. Uniforms always have a great blend of color, there are no truly ugly uniforms in the professional sports around the world each uniform is carefully designed to not only have colors but a color scheme they can use in hundreds of ways.  Not only do sports teams have a color but normally an image associated with it, the New England Patriots have what we call “The Flying Elvis” a minuteman crouched over a ball is also a well associated image and helps to increase the ways to represent a team.  Other popular images used are intimidating animals which are fierce predators you probably won’t find a team called the rabbits ; these add an intimidation factor to each uniform and allow colors to behave not necessarily as person but as a force, red is very effective however any bright color when applied to a large crowd. This allows for a massive amount of advertisements as everybody wants to get a picture with their friends and family before a game, it shows a relationship between people as they cheer on their respective teams and become a part of an amazing atmosphere where what colors you wear decide how you will behave, this particular game was against the Pittsburgh Steelers and it was supposed to get blisteringly cold, but noonday sun and afternoon skies were bright and clear that day allowing for some great tailgating. Once the game began we soon realized a few seats away were some very enthusiastic Steelers fans, representing their team in bright yellow outfits they were fairly alone in a swarm of blues and grey of the surrounding New Englanders. They were not too happy as the Patriots proceeded to dominate the entire game, it seemed every time I sat down I would jump up again as the team scored again and again part of the mass of Blue which defines Gillette Stadium when the patriots are home where they belong.  afc-east


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