Snapshot p.247



For years now, ever since i was younger my family has been vacationing to Orlando, Florida. I am truly blessed to be able to do this with my family, most of the times we fly down, rent a car, and stay at a hotel for seven to ten days. We have a unique balance of just resting by the pool and exploring theme parks. The theme parks of Orlando including Walt Disney World, Universal Studios, and Sea World are amazing places to go, each one offers its own unique style to tourists year round. My family however considers ourselves veterans of the whole affair and have our vacations almost down to a science. We tend to stay at Universal Studios Hotels, we find the food and entertainment available is higher quality than that of the Walt Disney World resorts. Another added bonus of these resorts is that all three of them are within walking distance of Universal City walk and the two theme parks.  I think however my favorite part about staying at these hotels is the early access to the parks and the fast passes which come with the room. This is a clever marketing scheme by universal actually as it allows people to get to the parks early, fly through all the rides multiple times and then go back to the hotel and spend money on food and drinks or go to City Walk and shop there at the stores.  Its the hour and a half early opening for those staying at the hotels which allows for an interesting look at the parks, this is especially true if there is a brand new attraction at the park. Everyone swarms to the new attraction because they know it will be jammed up later with a wait time of over an hour and a half which no one wants to stand in. So was the case last summer when we visited for ten days, the new Transformers 4D ride had opened up, my brother and I were interested so we made sure to wake up early, grab breakfast from the buffet i grabbed my coffee and we set off, we got into the park with the first twenty or so people and went on the ride which in my opinion wasn’t very special, admittedly the imagery and effects were great however it paled into comparison with the coasters that are offered. After this my brother and i decided to wander the park, it was empty. Every alleyway, every street,  every walk way and every line was completely empty. It was stunning and i had to take a picture of my brother, it was a once in a lifetime opportunity, on vacation in a park there are always other people about to draw attention away from the center of the image and the rest of the shot, this photo was taken outside the Terminator 2 experience, and is normally packed with tourists, its almost impossible to walk from one end to the other without at least one near collision it is that full. However at this particular time it was completely empty and i wanted to capture an image of the sheer emptiness which i have never seen before. I thought the movie style backdrop was perfect and my brothers stance is priceless, completely laid back, at ease and a bit annoyed I’m making him stand in the middle of an empty street for a photo. The shining sun shows how amazing the day was and it was a great early start which we thoroughly enjoyed. We don’t get to spend all day with each other like we used to and so when we do we like to make it memorable and do something special, a combination of waking up early without our parents and the knowledge of the park layout allowed us to do everything which we wanted to do including several rides multiple times as the lines were completely empty.  I love the atmosphere of Universal Studios, the entire movie media scene is all one big advertisement, one big fantasy world, a beautiful representation of what fun means to Americans. Colorful, loud, exciting, and busy are all words i use to describe an Americans version of fun and Universal Studios embodies every aspect of it.


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