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Vietnam Greeting card

This assignment asks us to create a greeting card from our nation being researched and to highlight a holiday which is celebrated. Immediately when one thinks of Vietnam the words”Tet-offensive” spring to the front of the mind of most middle aged adults, this was the day we lost the Vietnam war. The holiday itself is known as Tet and is the celebration of the lunar new year. As a brief history lesson the Tet offensive was so named because in the days leading up to Tet hundreds of Vietnamese flock to what used to be Saigon, it is also a largely established tradition to bury loved ones in the city on the holiday. So in the days leading up to Tet in 1968 hundreds of Vietnamese flocked to the city with caskets to bury their dead and celebrate the new year, however the Vietcong hidden among the common people had brought caskets not full of bodies but full of weapons. A series of attacks occurred which soon led to the fall of the city and the loss of the war.  Tet however is still Tet, a celebration of new beginnings  and the promise of tomorrow. In order to create a greeting card I thought would be found in Vietnam I stuck to what I knew about the Vietnamese from the research I have gathered about their aesthetics. They like to keep things simple, beautifully simple in fact. I have seen several print ads advertising the holiday showing families and the symbol for Tet red coloring. However the assignment was also supposed to feature the country, and a simple photograph of a family with the Tet symbol would not suffice. Instead I highlighted what most Vietnamese focus on when it comes to beauty in their country and that is their countryside. In this case I chose a beach, partially because I’m biased more towards the water than the jungles of Vietnam and because the beaches are a massive tourist attraction. In the corner is a simple message in Vietnamese “Welcome to Vietnam, please join us for our new-year celebration!”. Going against my design instincts I used a red coloration on the text as that seems to be a running theme to use red text in almost every example of art I have seen. The photograph of this beach is a perfect representation for how beautiful this country is and I think it is the perfect pull for a greeting card. I could look at this landscape for several minutes without noticing the text and thinking “God I want to go there, it looks so nice, oh that beach and the water look perfect in comparison to the dreary weather we have here around January”. I wanted to keep the card elegantly simple, a sentence or two is all that is needed and since the Vietnamese people seem to approve of text based sites the use of the text is truly necessary as otherwise a key component to the Vietnamese aesthetic style would have been lost. Yes the text does draw away from the beauty of the photograph however after reviewing the websites I have seen from Vietnam it was necessary for text to be included and to be red.